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The Jurassic Games0%The Jurassic Games

Storyline:In the near future, death candidates will once again have a chance not only to survive, but even to be released. In a virtual reality show they have to compete against each other. However, those who die in life and death in the game are also dead in real life. And only one person wins at the end and can rejoice over his freedom. The candidates not only compete against each other, but also have to defend themselves in the playing arena against dinosaurs. Anthony Tucker (Adam Hampton) is one of the candidates in the latest issue. He was sentenced to have murdered his wife, although he is innocent. Participation in the game is his only chance to see his children again. But the nasty champion (Ryan Merriman) throws him repeatedly stick between the legs and seems to want to prevent Anthony's victory absolutely ...


Storyline:A man is given a mysterious box that hides a dark secret: Inside is a monstrous creature that will kill everyone in his family - unless he manages to pass the box on to someone he loves, which is the deadly one Cycle would continue ...