Adam Sandler's New Movies

Sandy Wexler0%Sandy Wexler

Storyline:Los Angeles in the Nineties: Talent Manager Sandy Wexler (Adam Sandler) is a weird guy. His laughter sounds like it's not real and he appears at parties he's not invited to. Most importantly, Sandy is a great manager who represents a group of rather eccentric artists and gives everything they can to bring them up. He knows that his protégés are on the verge of a great career, it only takes the last step! But after Sandy has cared for everyone else more than himself, his life is shaken up as he loses his heart to Courtney Clarke (Jennifer Hudson), a very talented singer he spotted at an amusement park. Over the decade, a love story between Sandy and Courtney ...

The Meyerowitz Stories0%The Meyerowitz Stories

Storyline:Danny Meyerowitz (Adam Sandler) lives in the shadow of his father Harold (Dustin Hoffman), a selfish, moderately successful sculptor - and Danny does not live very well there. Freshly divorced and physically unable to sit for long without limping, he can not get away from his father any more than his sister Jean (Elizabeth Marvel). Both want recognition that their dad consistently refuses them. Only half-brother Matthew (Ben Stiller) was able to isolate himself. He lives as a business manager in Los Angeles, where he manages the assets of artists like Randy (Adam Driver), who annoy him with their airs. In addition, Matthew is preparing to sell the mansion in Manhattan. The old self-centered Harold, meanwhile, could be a lot sicker than he thinks ...