Ajay Devgn's New Movies


Storyline:Vijay Salgoankar runs a TV station in a remote, hilly village in Goa. He leads a happy life with his wife and two daughters, for whom he would sacrifice everything. Vijay himself grew up as an orphan and left school after the fourth grade, his professional success, he has worked hard from his own strength. Precisely for this reason he renounces luxury and gets along with the essentials. He is passionate about the movie and spends his whole night watching TV in front of the TV to watch one strip at a time. One day the son of a policeman disappears without a trace. Under suspicion is the family Sagoankar ...


Storyline:Shivaay lives in the mountains of the Himalaya Mountains and knows all about it. Outwardly, he is an ordinary Jedermann, but if someone threatens his family, he becomes a fighting machine that destroys everything that wants to harm his loved one ...