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Dance Academy: The Movie0%Dance Academy: The Movie

Storyline:Once Tara Webster (Xenia Goodwin) was an exceptionally talented ballet student, who had a great career as a professional dancer. But then a serious accident thwarted her, breaking her back. The career seemed over and then Tara 18 long months trying to accept a new life as a student and accept. But she never left the tingling sensation in her legs and so she dares to make a comeback attempt, although this seems impossible. Life and love are left behind in Sydney when Tara travels to New York to finally fulfill her dream. But just when she gets her big chance and she is supposed to perform in front of an audience, something else stands in her way: stage fright! How can she ever get started as a dancer? Tara has no choice - if she really wants to, she has to find her inner strength or she can bury her dream forever ... TV movie sequel to the series "Dance Academy - Dance your dream!" (2010-2013).