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Storyline:In 1904, a violent earthquake shook the Norwegian capital, Olso, which was particularly devastating because the epicenter was directly in the so-called Oslo Graben, which runs beneath the city. When a traffic tunnel collapses, killing his best friend, Kristian (Kristoffer Joner), traumatized after a catastrophic event, finds evidence that such an earthquake could recur. He tries to warn all people, but he is considered paranoid. But soon it should show how right Kristian has and for the severely battered man begins a fight to save his family ...


Storyline:Geologist Kristian (Kristoffer Joner) is about to move with his family to another city and start a new job there. On his last day at the Geiranger landslide early warning center, however, he is dealing with a veritable catastrophe. When the gauges suddenly show conspicuous values, he suspects that the rock strata of the nearby mountain Akerneset have begun to move. However, after no one wants to believe him at first, his fear soon becomes a terrible reality: huge boulders tumble into the fjord and a huge wave threatens to bury the surrounding towns and villages. In the midst of the onset of panic, Kristian tries to bring his family to safety. Based on a true story, in 1934, a tsunami devastated the Norwegian Tafjord and killed 40 people.