Anthony LaPaglia's New Movies

The Assignment0%The Assignment

Storyline:An order killer is tricked by a gang of gangsters and ends up in the hands of a crazy surgeon who performs a daring operation on him. When he awakens from the procedure, he is a woman (Michelle Rodriguez). But now that he is incognito in his new body, he vows bitter revenge on his tormentors ...

Annabelle: Creation100%Annabelle: Creation

Storyline:The seven-year-old daughter of puppeteer Sam (Anthony LaPaglia) and wife Esther Mullins (Miranda Otto) dies in a tragic accident. Twelve years later Sam and Esther, still sad because of their loss, take Nun Charlotte (Stephanie Sigman) and six orphan girls in their Californian farmhouse. The older girls sleep in a large common room, while the younger ones - the polio-sick Janice (Talitha Bateman) and their best friend Linda (Lulu Wilson) - are accommodated in a bunk bed in the former sewing room where doll costumes were made. Sam Mullins has two important rules: The bedroom where Esther has retired from the world must never be entered - and the locked room above is not. Soon the new arrivals will start to become very sinister ...