Anushka Sharma's New Movies


Storyline:The young Kanan (Suraj Sharma) returns to India to marry his longtime girlfriend Anu (Mehreen Pirzada), but when he finds out that Anu was born under a misfortune star, he first has to marry a tree. Since then, he has been persecuted by the spirit of Shashi (Anushka Sharma), who apparently lived in the tree ...

Sui Dhaaga: Made in India0%Sui Dhaaga: Made in India

Storyline:Mauji (Varun Dhawan) is tailor-tailor and lives together with his wife Mamta (Anushka Sharma), who is a embroiderer, in a small Indian village. Maujis and Mamta's traditionally crafted garments are in a raging fashion in their homeland, but both dream of the big breakthrough in the fashion world. They want their designs in the big fashion magazines, they want to design clothes for celebrities and celebrities. But how is anyone ever going to be aware of her in her home village? In fact, Mauji and Mamta will one day be discovered by talent scouts searching the remote regions of the country. Will they manage to reach the top league of fashion designers with their label "Nadel & Faden"?


Storyline:Arnab (Parambrata Chatterjee), a typical Bengali man, travels to Calcutta after meeting - arranged - a girl. A wedding is in the room and also Arnab's parents like the future bride. But a car accident complicates the planning ...

Jab Harry met Sejal0%Jab Harry met Sejal

Storyline:The tour guide Harry (Shah Rukh Khan) gets to know the enchanting Sejal (Anushka Sharma) on one of the city tours that he organizes and immediately falls in love with her. Harry decides to make her an application and goes in search of an engagement ring, learning about love and his own feelings. Sejal, on the other hand, experiences security and comfort through the relationship with Harry and finally learns what it means to be free. They quickly realize that their togetherness always inspires and drives them anew, and that together they discover their inner voice ...