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All Saints0%All Saints

Storyline:After giving up his business job to become a priest, Michael Spurlock's first church (John Corbett) is All Saints, whose church has just twelve faithful. But the thing has a catch: He is the one who is to close the church forever and to sell the land on which it stands for profit. While bidders fight over the land and the small community quarrels with their fate, Michael and his family are already planning their move to a larger community. But when All Saints starts taking in refugees from Burma, the priest sees himself tasked with a new mission. He is trying to help the immigrants get off to a fresh start in the United States. And he, too, has to choose bakd between two fronts: does he stay with his church, help the old and new members, or does he fulfill his task, sells the land to the church, and continues his priestly career in a larger place?