Bill Skarsgård's New Movies


Storyline:Henry (Bill Skarsgård) is a lonely young man who lives with his over-cautious mother in a small town called Battlecreek. He has a rare skin disease, which is why he has to avoid the sun. So his life takes place almost only at night: he hangs out in the diner, works at the night counter of a gas station and goes swimming in the moonlight. But Henry lives to himself, does not know where he really wants to - until one day he meets Alison (Claire van der Boom). After the car has left the young woman in Battlecreek, she hires as a temporary help in the diner. Immediately, Henry feels drawn to her and Alison shows him a future he did not think was possible. But he has to leave his mother and his past once and for all ...


Storyline:The children Bill Denbrough, Richie Tozier, Eddie Kaspbrak, Beverly Marsh, Ben Hanscom, Stanley Uris and Mike Hanlon, Chosen Jacobs) live in a town called Derry, Maine, where people are disappearing, both adults and minors. Over the course of a summer, the children eventually learn of a monstrous creature that can hunt down humans and turn themselves into the worst nightmares of their victims. Mostly, however, the beast appears in the form of the sadistic clown Pennywise (Bill Skarsgård). The seven children are gradually growing into a dedicated community, the "Loser Club", and vow to destroy the creature that has left Bill's brother Georgie (Jackson Robert Scott) on his conscience ...