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Storyline:After a major catastrophe that left the world in apocalyptic conditions, the survivors seek to build a new civilization, yet struggling to survive each day. For as soon as the sun goes down, the surface is visited by deadly creatures. Juliette (Brittany Ashworth), a fearless woman, one day makes a dramatic mistake and has an accident that immobilizes her in her car. With a broken leg, she must fight not only against hunger and thirst, but soon against the creatures as well. Because the night is getting closer ...

The Crucifixion0%The Crucifixion

Storyline:Romania, 2004: After an exorcism with the associated crucifixion led to the death of the possessed, a priest and five nuns are charged with the murder. Behind it, the journalist Nicole Rawlin (Sophie Cookson), who is very religiously critical of religion after a heavy family blow, senses a sensational story and therefore flies to Romania to investigate the exact background of the incident. At first, she learns little, the local church seems to conceal something - but soon the signs are thickening, that actually a real demon is behind the whole thing. And suddenly the American herself is in mortal danger: demons prefer to nest in the bodies of people who do not believe in God.