Cate Blanchett's New Movies


Storyline:Therese (Rooney Mara) dreams of a job as a set designer at the theater, but instead she's with Richard (Jake Lacy), whom she does not actually love. So she struggles through the New York of the 50s and tries to keep afloat with a job in a department store. One day she meets Carol (Cate Blanchett), who immediately gives Therese her address so that her purchases can be delivered there. Therese Carol sends out a card for Christmas at which she unexpectedly receives an answer. Connected by the feeling of loneliness, the two women begin to spend more and more time together. Therese develops strong feelings for Carol - much to the displeasure of Carol's husband Harge (Kyle Chandler). He threatens to deprive his wife of custody of their daughter. All he needs is solid evidence of the secret love of women. Harge pulls out all the stops and hires a private detective, whom he puts on Therese and Carol.


Storyline:The young, well-behaved Ella (as a girl: Eloise Webb, later: Lily James) loses her mother early (Hayley Atwell). Despite this tragedy, she leads a contented life with her loving father (Ben Chaplin), a wholesale merchant. When Ella and Lady Tremaine (Cate Blanchett) take a new wife, Ella welcomes her and her daughters to the family. But when the father dies as well, the stepmother shows her true face. From now on Ella lives as a maid in her own house and is called Cinderella (= Cinderella). Variety promises a royal ball invitation, which is addressed to all unmarried ladies, because the Prince is looking for a bride. Ella wants to attend the party, but her stepmother forbids it. The future happiness of the young woman depends crucially on whether she manages to escape the clutches of Lady Tremaines and yet reach the festival ...

Thor: Ragnarok0%Thor: Ragnarok

Storyline:Thunder god Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is being held far away from his home Asgard on the other side of the universe. Without the mighty Hammer Mjölnir, an escape seems almost impossible, but the time is running out: for Helen (Cate Blanchett), who has been released from her prison after a thousand years of imprisonment, threatens to initiate Ragnarok, destroy the gods dawn, Asgard would. In order to prevent this, Thor tries to return home. Between him and his freedom, however, are fatal gladiatorial battles on the planet Sakaar, which is something like the garbage dump of the universe. In one of these duels Thor meets Ex-Avenger and his former co-leader Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), the most popular and successful fighter on Sakaar ...