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Message from the King0%Message from the King

Storyline:An enigmatic outsider (Chadwick Boseman) heads to Los Angeles to investigate his sister's sudden disappearance.


Storyline:America, in the 1940s: Attorney Thurgood Marshall (Chadwick Boseman) has built a reputation across the country for difficult cases. Especially for defendants of his skin color, the black lawyer is often the only hope - so also for Joseph (Sterling K. Brown). The chauffeur is said to have raped Eleanor (Kate Hudson), the wife of his boss, brutally, but assures his innocence. Because the hard-hitting judge (James Cromwell) and the lavish prosecutor (Dan Stevens) reject an outside lawyer, Marshall teams up with Sam Friedman (Josh Gad). But the lawyer specializing in insurance claims without experience in criminal proceedings must soon take a much more prominent role than he would like. Because Marshall is forbidden to appear in court and he can only help Friedman in the preparation. Because he represents a white defendant as a white Jew, Friedman's family soon gets caught in the crossfire of racists ...