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The Party0%The Party

Storyline:Janet (Kristin Scott Thomas) was nominated by her party as Minister of Health in the Shadow Cabinet. The politician wants to celebrate with her husband Bill (Timothy Spall) and some guests. Janet's best friend April (Patricia Clarkson) has come with her German partner Gottfried (Bruno Ganz), the lesbian couple Martha (Cherry Jones) and Jinny (Emily Mortimer) and the banker Tom (Cillian Murphy) have appeared, the latter without his Mrs. Marianne and in a very nervous condition. But Tom is not the only one who behaves strangely: Bill is mentally absent and endures the evening only with alcohol, the former idealist April taunts snappy comments against her meek man and the other attendees and Martha and the pregnant Jinny are chattering about her different feminist views. It will be an evening of great revelations ...