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A Bad Moms Christmas0%A Bad Moms Christmas

Storyline:Amy (Mila Kunis), Carla (Kathryn Hahn) and Kiki (Kristen Bell) are fed up: The annual Christmas stress is upon us and because they are tired of buying, decorating and making gifts like every year As a reward they only get a voucher for a back massage, so they decide to skip the Christmas madness extensively this year. Instead, a small but all the more personal and special gift for their families should be on the program. But the dream of a quiet, relaxed Christmas is bursting, when suddenly the moms of the mothers are at the door and drive them with their quirks and idiosyncrasies to madness. And so it all boils down to a major decision-making duel between the Bad Moms and their mothers (Susan Sarandon, Cheryl Hines and Christine Baranski) ...