Christopher Abbott's New Movies

Vox Lux0%Vox Lux

Storyline:A personal tragedy is for a young woman (Natalie Portman) Although a low blow, but also the trigger for a steep career. She becomes the pop superstar Celeste ... The film takes place over a period of 15 years.

Criminal Activities0%Criminal Activities

Storyline:The four former friends Zach (Michael Pitt), Noah (Dan Stevens), Warren (Christopher Abbott) and Bryce (Rob Brown) meet after years at the funeral of a former classmate again. One of them tells his old friends about a tempting investment that supposedly turns them into millionaires without any risk. But hardly that the men get involved in the deal, the anger is not long in coming. Because the business goes awry and the friends are suddenly in huge trouble with the mafia. One of them borrowed a lot of money from the notorious gangster boss Eddie (John Travolta) for the deal. To pull her neck out of the noose, the would-be gentry for Eddie are now kidnap a member of a hostile underworld syndicate. But with that, the four fall into a fatal spiral of lies and violence.

Sweet Virginia0%Sweet Virginia

Storyline:After a cruel triple murder, the inhabitants of a remote settlement in Alaska are shocked. At this time, the wounded tramp Elwood (Christopher Abbott) checks in at the "Sweet Virginia" motel, built by former rodeo champion Sam (Jon Bernthal). From the outside he looks like a tough guy, but inside he is a broken man and a tormented soul. He quickly makes friends with the mysterious motel guest - a friendship that really plunges the city into a veritable flood of violence. And for the newly-widowed widow Lila (Imogen Poots), things are not going according to plan: her deceased husband has only left her with debts, so she can not pay the contract killer she hired to permanently depend on her husband's varieties to free.

It Comes at Night0%It Comes at Night

Storyline:The world of Paul (Joel Edgerton), his shy wife Sarah (Carmen Ejogo), and their teenage son Travis (Kelvin Harrison, Jr.) are threatened by a malignant, pestilent disease that has eradicated nearly all life on earth. To protect themselves from the life-threatening circumstances, they have retreated to a remote house in the deepest forest. But the rest is disturbed when one day the young couple Will (Christopher Abbott) and Kim (Riley Keough) stands at the door of the shelter and seeks protection there together with their young son Andrew (Griffin Robert Faulkner). Reluctantly, Paul and his family take in the desperate refugees. But soon paranoia breaks out between the new and old residents, who are equally traumatized by the horrors of their ruined environment ...