Christopher Lloyd's New Movies

Back to the Future0%Back to the Future

Storyline:Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) is a very nice loser type: he is constantly harassed by the fir gang. In the quirky scientist Dr. He has found a very special friend, Emmett L. 'Doc' Brown (Christopher Lloyd), who transformed a DeLorian into a time machine with which Marty travels back to the fifties. There he prevents a significant event for the marriage of his parents, which begins to threaten his own existence. Together with Doc Brown, he now has to do everything in his power to put the past right again ...

I Am Not a Serial Killer0%I Am Not a Serial Killer

Storyline:The sociopathic teenager John Wayne Cleaver (Max Records) has always been fascinated by death, making him a misunderstood outsider among his fellow human beings. He himself fears that he will sooner or later become a murderer because of his nature. In order to keep his own killing urge in check, he has imposed some strict rules and guidelines. But when finally a serial killer actually bypasses his small town, his discipline is put to the test. Everything seems to John to indicate that his enigmatic neighbor Mr. Crowley (Christopher Lloyd) is responsible for the crime. However, the more the inquisitive John deals with the old man, the stronger his own inner demons seem to be pushing to the surface ...

The Sound0%The Sound

Storyline:Kelly Johansen (Rose McGowan) is a soundwave expert, firmly convinced that ghosts and supernatural phenomena do not exist. One day, she investigates audible signals in a subway station - and makes an inexplicable discovery there ...