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47 Meters Down0%47 Meters Down

Storyline:The two sisters Lisa (Mandy Moore) and Kate (Claire Holt) treat themselves to a break in Mexico, after Lisa's boyfriend just broke up with her. His reasoning was that Lisa was too boring. To rule out such an event for the future, Lisa can be persuaded to an adventurous trip to the sea: Some good-looking men who meet them on site, do a Haikäfig diving trip and the two sisters are of course of the party. Out on the water, the absolute nightmare ensues: As the cage with the two women is lowered inside, the safety rope rips and sends Lisa and Kate to the bottom of the ocean - surrounded by sharks! While the oxygen is running low, a desperate rescue operation begins, the first obstacle being the broken communication to the safe boat. Because at 47 meters depth, the radios fail ...