Claudio Santamaria's New Movies

Rimetti a noi i nostri debiti0%Rimetti a noi i nostri debiti

Storyline:If the necessity becomes a virtue: Guido (Claudio Santamaria) has at least debt without end and because his creditors slowly lose patience, hires the unemployed without further ado as a debt collector and works for the nasty Franco (Marco Giallini). Guido sinks more and more in a whirlpool of violence and intimidation. At any rate, morality and humanity are out of place in this brutal business. Guido realizes that his new vocation actually puts him in debt only: a vicious circle that can not escape.

Lo chiamavano Jeeg Robot0%Lo chiamavano Jeeg Robot

Storyline:Enzo Ceccotti (Claudio Santamaria) gets in contact with radioactive material through a cataclysmic accident, which gives him supernatural powers - which suits him very well, since he is a petty criminals, to whom these abilities bring great benefits. With his power he can, for example, now simply tear ATMs out of the wall, break up and bag his prey. When he is filmed, he attains fame and gets in the sights of a megalomaniac mafia boss. He wants to rise to the ruler of Rome and Enzo should help him. But he meets the beautiful Alessia (Ilenia Pastorelli) and falls in love. She shows him a different way: With his powers, he can stand up for justice, as a superhero Jeeg Robot he should fight for the good ...