Connie Britton's New Movies

American Ultra0%American Ultra

Storyline:The stoner Mike (Jesse Eisenberg) and his girlfriend Phoebe (Kristen Stewart) lead a quiet life in a tranquil town. In his boring daily life as a kiosk employee, Mike does not experience any great adventures. Nevertheless, he and Phoebe are completely satisfied with their existence and their dope. Mike even plans to make a marriage proposal to his great love. But his life will not be that easy anymore, because actually Mike is a sleeper-agent of the US-government, which he himself is no longer aware of. A secret slogan unleashes one day, however, to his own amazement his deadly abilities. Now classified as high risk by the government and hunted down, Mike and Phoebe flee from their pursuers, but sooner or later the involuntary killing machine has to unleash its full potential to finally shake off the past.

Beatriz at Dinner0%Beatriz at Dinner

Storyline:Beatriz (Salma Hayek) is a holistic healer who lives with multiple animals and earns her living treating cancer patients. When she visits her rich client Cathy (Connie Britton), her car gives up the ghost. Beatriz is forced to spend the evening with Cathy and her wealthy friends at a dinner party, much to the disfavor of Cathy's husband Grant (David Warshofsky). In addition to two other couples also appear real estate mogul Doug (John Lithgow) to eat - between the capitalist and the good-natured Beatriz soon emerge insurmountable friction that escalate into a violent dispute. The young Mexican thinks that fate has brought her and Doug together for a reason ...