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Storyline:Since he was 16, Adam Jones (Bradley Cooper) is at home in the kitchen, blending genius and insanity in the flavor explosions that he creates - but lately more insanity, as Adam, the rock star among Parisian chefs, continues to drift in his excessive Lifestyle and finally into drug addiction, which costs him his job and reputation. Two years later he is clean and wants to start anew in London. His competitors have long since written off, but Adam is aiming for the third Michelin star and seeks a top team together to realize his vision. This includes Helene (Sienna Miller), for whom Adam is not the only one left in the kitchen. Helene, on the other hand, does not like her boss, who regularly goes nuts and nearly drives his employees crazy. Only slowly does Adam realize that in addition to passion and creativity, team spirit is needed to conquer London's gourmet world and Helene ...

Alone in Berlin0%Alone in Berlin

Storyline:In Berlin in the year 1940, a whole country lives in a house. The inhabitants of Jablonskistrasse 55 form a cross section of the population: a blockman lives there, a hidden Jew, an ex-judge, a denunciator, a petty criminal, a Hitler Youth, a postman - and the working couple Anna (Emma Thompson) and Otto Quangel (Brendan Gleeson). The Quangels have to cope that their only son Hans (Louis Hofmann) has fallen in the war. Otto begins to fight the dictator in his own way, his wife soon joins in: The couple writes clear messages on simple postcards, eg. For example, a call for resistance and a demand for press freedom. Commissioner Escherich (Daniel Brühl) takes up the persecution - with the Gestapo at the ready, who wants to see results quickly. Meanwhile, Otto and Anna find their mutual rebellion after alienating themselves for years ...