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Love the Coopers0%Love the Coopers

Storyline:It is Christmas and under the Cooper family's umbrella, several generations gather to spend the holidays together. However, it is sometimes spasmodically trying to silence acute problems in order to maintain the alleged Christmas idyll. This begins with the hosts Sam (John Goodman) and Charlotte (Diane Keaton), in their 40-year marriage, it is now quite dodgy, but who want to show no sign of their relatives. Meanwhile, her divorced son Hank (Ed Helms) does not tell his relatives that he recently lost his job. His sister Eleanor (Olivia Wilde), however, gives a recently met at the airport soldiers (Jake Lacey) as her friend in order not to be pestered by the others again because of their Dauersingledaseins. Meanwhile, family elder Bucky (Alan Arkin) would rather spend Christmas with charming waitress Ruby (Amanda Seyfried) in his hangout than with his annoying family. To make the mess perfect, then Charlotte's sister Emma (Marisa Tomei) is arrested after a shoplifting.


Storyline:The eccentric Emily Walters (Diane Keaton) comes from the US, but now lives for several years in London's upscale Hampstead. There she feels increasingly out of place. One day she happens to see a group of thugs go for the squeamish Donald Horner (Brendan Gleeson), who has lived in a self-made cabin in the spacious park for many years. The brutal men, so Emily soon finds, should drive away the hermit, so that his hut can be demolished, instead, namely on the site of a luxury construction project can be started. To the great astonishment of her affected friends and acquaintances, Emily faces Donald and fights with him for the preservation of his home. And by the way, the two fall in love with each other ...