Dominic West's New Movies

Tomb Raider0%Tomb Raider

Storyline:Seven years ago, Lord Richard Croft (Dominic West), the father of 21-year-old Lara Croft (Alica Vikander), disappeared, but still has not taken control of its global economic empire, but lives as a bicycle courier in London. One day, however, Lara decides to investigate the alleged death of her producer. For this she travels to his last known abode, a small island off the coast of Japan. There, he had examined a mysterious tomb. But as soon as she arrives on the island, Lara faces many life-threatening dangers and she has to push her limits and fight for her survival, equipped only with her keen intellect and considerable will.

The Square0%The Square

Storyline:Christian Nielsen (Claes Bang) is the chief curator of the X-Royal Museum in Stockholm and is currently in the midst of preparations for an installation called The Square. Behind this name hides an open space, on which everyone should behave humanitarian and courteous and on which everyone should get the help he needs. But the preparations are complicated by a series of events. On the one hand, Christian is a victim of a group of trick thieves and revealed in trying to get his valuables back, that he is not as free of prejudice as he would like to be. On the other hand, the advertising campaign for "The Square" is not developing as Christian would have liked, and the affair with the American art journalist Anne (Elisabeth Moss) is not going well ...