Elijah Wood's New Movies

The Last Witch Hunter0%The Last Witch Hunter

Storyline:One of the world's last surviving witch-hunters, Kaulder (Vin Diesel), roams the streets of New York to protect the earth from a destructive force - with helpful tips from Father Dolan (Michael Caine) and his disciple (Elijah Wood ), supported in the fight by the witch Chloe (Rose Leslie). The 700-year-old Kaulder and his magically gifted companion try to stop the countless evil witches and wizards who are in New York under the command of a vile queen (Julie Engelbrecht) mischief. Because the fiends multiply threateningly, after they have already killed a large part of the other witch hunters. Soon it will be up to the unequal duo Kaulder and Chloe to finally stop the growing ranks of opponents - and their leader ...

The Trust0%The Trust

Storyline:David Waters (Elijah Wood) and Jim Stone (Nicolas Cage) are two corrupt Las Vegas police officers who are struggling to maintain their standard of living through their meager income. So one day, when they learn that local drug dealers have set up their own bank in the slipstream of casino gastronomy, they quickly decide to undermine the underworld illegally for a few months. The cops are working out a plan to get their hands on the safe with supposedly valuable content. At first, everything runs like clockwork, but when they finally find out what is actually in the coveted safe, it is too late for the unequal duo to back down and they get into a whirlpool of violence and corruption. ,