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The Greasy Strangler0%The Greasy Strangler

Storyline:Big Ronnie (Michael St. Michaels), along with his 50-year-old son, Big Brayden (Sky Elobar), is touring Los Angeles, where guests will get to know the best party locations. The father-son team does not really understand each other well. One day when the young and attractive Janet (Elizabeth De Razzo) signs up for the trip, a real contest for the attention of the seductive lady breaks out between the duo. But during their competitive struggle they do not realize that there is something else waiting for them on the streets of L.A. An oily, slimy and inhuman lunatic makes the city insecure and kills innocent victims. Soon enough, the killer, who drills on frying fat and strangles his victims, gets the nickname "The Greasy Strangler" - the greasy strangler ...