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The Glass Castle0%The Glass Castle

Storyline:As a child, Jeannette Walls (Chandler Head, later: Ella Anderson) is told by her father Rex (Woody Harrelson) lots of adventurous stories, such as how they go hunting together for demons, how he brings the stars from heaven or how he builds her a glass castle. These stories compensate her for having to go to bed often hungry, that her eccentric artist mother Rose Mary (Naomi Watts) is an egooman, and the family often rushes to the place of residence while fleeing from creditors, and make sure that Jeanette, despite all poverty a happy child is. At some point, however, poverty becomes too oppressive for Jeanette to be distracted by the tales of her alcoholic father. The lies of the parents break down. Even as an adult, Jeanette (now Brie Larson), who has since become a successful columnist, is still suffering from her difficult childhood. One day, when she accidentally sees her parents while they search for garbage in garbage cans, she decides to re-establish contact with them ...