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The Circle0%The Circle

Storyline:When Mae Holland (Emma Watson) gets a job at the globally dominant Internet company "Circle" through the agency of her friend Annie (Karen Gillan), she is overjoyed. For her it is a unique opportunity. The goal of the company: to link all activities of the users and to unite them in an online identity. With ever new technological advances, a world of complete transparency is to be created. Mae is enthusiastic about the vision of charismatic founder Eamon Bailey (Tom Hanks) and can not understand the concerns of her ex-boyfriend Mercer (Ellar Coltrane). The company premises, where the employees are provided with everything, and their work are gradually becoming Maes center of life. Only the mysterious Ty (John Boyega) brings them to the neck. He claims to be a co-worker too, but Mae can not find him in the computer, which keeps track of where employees are at all times. Nevertheless, Ty knows on the site doors and corridors that are nowhere recorded. And he tries to warn Mae ...