Emilia Clarke's New Movies

Me Before You0%Me Before You

Storyline:Louisa Clark (Emilia Clarke) and William Traynor (Sam Claflin) could hardly be more different. She is a young woman from the small town who works in a café and is content with her simple life although she still lives with her parents (Brendan Coyle, Samantha Spiro) and her boyfriend Patrick (Matthew Lewis) does not suit her at all , Will, on the other hand, is depressed and capricious since he, the formerly successful, reckless banker, is sitting in a wheelchair. After two years of his accident, his life is no longer worth living - but then he meets Louisa, who has lost her job in the café and was hired by Will's mother Camilla (Janet McTeer) for six months, as an emotional support for the son. Lou knows from the beginning no false restraint and so they understand and Will after first teething problems soon very well. She realizes that her fortune is becoming more important to her - and is alarmed as she realizes why she has been hired for only six months ...

Voice from the Stone0%Voice from the Stone

Storyline:The young and dedicated nurse Verena (Emilia Clarke) takes over a new job in the Italian Tuscany of the 1950s. Her new patient, Jakob (Edward Dring), is waiting for her inside the ancient walls of a sprawling estate. The little boy has to endure a traumatic experience - he had to watch the death of his mother and has also heard horrible things ... Since these incidents, he has not spoken a single word. His father Klaus (Marton Csokas), however, believes that Jacob perceives a voice and that it may have come from the mother. While Verena is still busy taking care of the boy, more and more dark secrets come to light. Verena soon realizes that Jacob is not spinning anything - the voice really exists ...