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Happy Family0%Happy Family

Storyline:Family W├╝nschmann is not exactly happy: The bookstore of mother Emma (English voice: Emily Watson / in English: Ulrike St├╝rzbecher) makes only losses, father Frank (Nick Frost / Tobias master) is completely overworked and has to suffer from a choleric boss, Daughter Fairy (Jessica Brown Findlay / Marie Christin Morgenstern) is currently in a particularly critical phase of her puberty and son Max (Ethan Rouse / Maximilian Ehrenreich) is highly intelligent as a true child prodigy, but is teased at school for that very reason. The fact that the four family members are then also cursed by the witch Baba Yaga (Catherine Tate / Martina Treger) and henceforth run as a monster through the area, does not make the situation better. As a vampire, Frankenstein's monster, mummy and werewolf they chase after the nasty witch around half the globe, so that the curse reverses - and next to some real monsters such as Count Dracula (Jason Isaacs / Hape Kerkeling) and his assistant Renfield ( Ewan Bailey / Oliver Kalkofe) you will also find it unexpectedly for family happiness ...