Evan Peters's New Movies

The Lazarus Effect0%The Lazarus Effect

Storyline:Zoe (Olivia Wilde) is plagued by cruel nightmares. She, her friend Frank (Mark Duplass) and the other scientists in her group are exploring the human brain, wanting to find a way to defeat death. The researchers are doing animal experiments. They use a serum to bring dead dogs to life - and it works. When Zoe suddenly dies in an accident, the team is in shock. Frank then decides to use the accumulated knowledge to revive the deceased. The daring plan succeeds, the young woman actually comes back from the dead. But she is not the same person after that. Something seems totally wrong with her. More and more, the realization that Zoe has been hit by dark, deadly forces solidifies. Now she is a danger to all people around her ...

The Pirates of Somalia0%The Pirates of Somalia

Storyline:In 2008, the young journalist Jay Bahadur (Evan Peters) develops an immature plan and goes under Somali pirates. In fact, with his recordings he manages to show the pirates to the general public at close range - who they are, how they live and what drives them.