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Storyline:In the middle of the night, the young Spaniard Victoria (Laia Costa) meets the four friends Sonne (Frederick Lau), Boxer (Franz Rogowski), Blinker (Burak Yigit) and Fuß (Max Mauff) in front of a club in Berlin. Quickly, the woman from Madrid and the daredevil sun approach. But for the boys, the night is just beginning. To be able to pay a debt to gangster Andi (André M. Hennicke), the four are forced to pull through a crooked thing. When one of the group finally fails unexpectedly, Victoria is said to step in as a driver at the tricky venture. What sounds like a thrilling adventurer to them at first, is quickly becoming a nightmare, because the planned coup goes thoroughly wrong and the young luck of Victoria and Sun is put to the test ...

Happy End0%Happy End

Storyline:Family Laurent runs a booming construction company - but the foundation of success is crumbling: The feisty patriarch and boss Anne (Isabelle Huppert), married to lawyer Lawrence Bradshaw (Toby Jones), has made her son Pierre (Franz Rogowski) Managing Director, yet he is far from competent enough for his job. There are also problems in private life: Anne's brother Thomas (Mathieu Kassovitz), a doctor who also lives in the multi-generation villa, suddenly has to look after his twelve-year-old daughter Eve (Fantine Harduin) - she moves in after her mother tries has to kill herself. Eve feels lonely and strange in her new environment with her new wife Anaïs (Laura Verlinden) and toddler. Then Georges (Jean-Louis Trintignant), the embittered old father of Anne and Thomas, makes a suicide attempt ...