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Ma vie de Courgette0%Ma vie de Courgette

Storyline:Fate strikes with relentless hardness as the mother of the only nine-year-old zucchini (voice in the original: Gaspard Schlatter) suddenly dies. Fortunately, there is the caring policeman Raymond (Michel Vuillermoz), who brings the little boy to the home of Madam Papineau (Monica Budde), where he can in the future grow up with other children and seek his place in society. But the beginning in his new home Zucchini is not easy, after all, have the other children such as the cheeky Simon (Paulin Jaccoud) or the shy Alice (Estelle Hennard) experienced a lot. One day, the courageous Camille (Sixtine Murat) joins the troupe - and suddenly Zucchini is in love for the first time in his life! But unfortunately, her aunt Camille wants to bring in and tear the group apart. Can Zucchini and his friends prevent that?