Heather Graham's New Movies

Half Magic0%Half Magic

Storyline:Honey (Heather Graham) feels lonely and just looking for a man with whom she can have sex extensively. For this she concludes a pact with her two best friends Eva (Angela Kinsey) and Candy (Stephanie Beatriz): Together they want to set their self-doubts aside and embark on a journey to find what they have long deserved in their eyes. The trip becomes a true self-actualization experience for the three women ...

Norm of the North0%Norm of the North

Storyline:The good natured polar bear Norm (voice: Rob Schneider) enjoys his life in the calm of the frosty Arctic. But more and more American tourists are using huge cruise ships in the cool climes and disturb the peace of the moose, seals, polar bears and Co. Nasty investors even plan to build luxurious shopping malls in the untouched Arctic. This is clearly going too far! Norm must do something about the profit-minded people and protect the homeland of his friends. Accompanied by three intrepid lemmings, the polar bear travels to New York City to stop the madness. In the Big Apple, the animals await untold adventures and so "Norm of the North" suddenly becomes a celebrated TV star. In addition the plush bear is to become still the mascot of the enterprise, which he wants to stop actually ...

Last Rampage: The Escape of Gary Tison0%Last Rampage: The Escape of Gary Tison

Storyline:In the summer of 1978, the convicted murderer Tison (Robert Patrick) and his cellmate Randy Greenawalt (Chris Browning) break out of the maximum security prison ADX Florence. With the help of Tison's three young sons, they want to flee to Mexico. On their journey through the desert towards the border, the quintet is trailing a bloody trail. While Sheriff Cooper (Bruce Davison) hunts for them, Tison's wife (Heather Graham) vehemently defends her family against the press.