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Mr. Holmes0%Mr. Holmes

Storyline:Sherlock Holmes (Ian McKellen) has now brought it to a proud 93 years and lives secluded in his country home in Sussex. About hero stories, which are told about him in the cinema, the aged master detective can only shake his head, since most of the straight is invented. He never wore the legendary cap and he always preferred cigarettes. During the day Holmes devotes himself to beekeeping and introduces Roger (Milo Parker), the son of his housekeeper Mrs. Munro (Laura Linney), to the secrets of beekeeping. The two are the only ones he tolerates near him. But sometimes memories of old cases come up against his will, especially this one in which a beautiful woman was in danger: Ann Kelmot (Hattie Morahan). Whether Holmes can still crack the unresolved case, though his memory is dwindling?