Irina Starshenbaum's New Movies


Storyline:Leningrad in summer in the early 80s: Before the perestroika, the plates are smuggled by Lou Reed and David Bowie and a underground rock scene is created. The highlight of this scene is Mike Naumenko (Roman Bilyk), who, with his music and his band Zoopark, inspires the youth and repeatedly tests the limits of state censorship. But the alleged rebel lives off the stage a fairly normal life with his wife Natascha (Irina Starshenbaum) and a child together. One day when Mike and Zoopark celebrate with fans on the beach, they meet young musician Viktor Tsoï (Teo Yoo), who really wants to sing in front of Mike. Mike recognizes Victor's great talent and helps him make the first steps in the music career, but gradually Victor and Natascha feel more and more attracted to each other, endangering the friendship between Victor and Mike ...


Storyline:After a mysterious extraterrestrial spacecraft crash-landed in Moscow, large parts of the Russian metropolis are in ruins. The UFO in the form of a gigantic gyroscope had recently appeared in orbital space during a rare astronomical phenomenon and then crashed inexplicably. As unclear as the cause of the crash is first, why and with what intent the aliens have come to earth at all. Do you want to share your knowledge with humanity or conquer the blue planet? Only one thing is certain: After some of the chosen ones have been able to catch a glimpse inside the spaceship, they begin to question their entire existence and the origin of humanity. Others, including those who lost relatives and friends in the crash of the UFO, are much less friendly to alien visitors and want to drive the aliens out as quickly as possible.