J.K. Simmons's New Movies

Rock Dog0%Rock Dog

Storyline:It seems to be a sign of God when suddenly a radio falls from the sky and lands right in the paws of the little dog Bodi (voice in the original: Luke Wilson), who is supposed to protect the sheep of his Tibetan village from hungry wolves. He promptly sees the incident as a sign and feels confirmed to finally pursue his dream to become a great rock star. So he leaves his homeland and embarks on an adventurous journey to meet his big role model in the city, rock legend Angus Scattergood (Eddie Izzard). But he soon has to realize that the music business has some similarities to his old job. Because even here the wolves circle and have their greedy eyes on the unsuspecting sheep. But here he is one of the sheep ...

The Accountant0%The Accountant

Storyline:Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck) was born with a special talent for mathematics. As a gifted person with ingenious abilities, he has a very difficult time cultivating social contacts. Disguised as a small-town tax accountant, he secretly does bookkeeping for some of the planet's most dangerous underworld corporations. But in front of the tax investigator Ray King (J.K. Simmons) his cover is at some point no longer safe. Chris flies up - and therefore accepts a new assignment, in which he is to assist the accountant of a robotics company, Dana (Anna Kendrick), in the resolution of billions disputes in the millions. But as he penetrates deeper into the confusing web of numbers, mysteriously more and more people around him are dying ...


Storyline:A group of Navy Seals sets out to solve a long forgotten puzzle and find a hidden treasure in a lake in the middle of war-torn Serbia.

The Bachelors0%The Bachelors

Storyline:After the death of his wife, Bill Ponder (J.K. Simmons), together with his 17-year-old son Wes, moves from their village to a big city to start a fresh start. When both begin to organize their lives there and slowly heal their wounds, they both find refuge in a new romance. Wes meets Lacy, an introverted but passionate girl whose puzzling personality immediately captivates him. Meanwhile, Bill Carine, an elegant and kind-hearted teacher, meets. As the two relationships are put to the test, father and son first move away from each other to finally rejoin and learn a lot about themselves.