Jacob Latimore's New Movies


Storyline:Her father died a long time ago and after her mother died a year ago, the young street magician Bo (Jacob Latimore) and his little sister Tina (Storm Reid) are on their own. With his tricks, Bo impresses the women, but to take care of himself and Tina, he deals for local drug lord Angelo (Dule Hill). But then one day the situation gets complicated when somebody gets into Angelo's area and sells cheaper stuff. Bo and a few people are to pay him a visit, where the young magician must realize that things can quickly become much more cruel than he thought. But then Bo makes a fatal mistake: From the money he earns for Angelo, he branches off $ 15,000 to move with his sister in a better area. However, his project flies up and a little later Tina is even taken hostage. Bo has to pull out all the stops so that he and his sister get out of this ...


Storyline:Detroit, 1967: The black population has been suffering from discrimination and social injustice for many years. On a hot summer's day, the conflict finally escalates and street battles break out - a whole five days of rioting continues when soldiers enter the city in support of the security forces. In the midst of this confusing event, one evening, shots are reported from the predominantly black-inhabited Algiers Motel, which is then stormed by police and military. A guest dies, and subsequent investigations quickly escalate as police begin under the leadership of stripper Philip Krauss (Will Poulter), guests including singer Larry (Algee Smith), whose best friend Fred (Jacob Latimore) and security guard Melvin Dismukes ( John Boyega) to put pressure on him in interrogation with brutal means ...