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Barely Lethal0%Barely Lethal

Storyline:The sixteen-year-old contract killer No. 83 (Hailee Steinfeld) is able to assemble and use blind weapons, she can ride as well as a racer and strike like Jackie Chan. Actually, she desires nothing more than to have a normal youth - to visit a real school, to make friends and to go to a party. During a mission, she decides to fake her own death and then enroll in a school. As an exchange student Megan Walsh, however, she soon realizes that school life is not as fun and easy as she had imagined. Their situation is further complicated when the ruthless terrorist Victoria Knox (Jessica Alba) gets on her feet.


Storyline:Jill (Marianna Palka) is completely exhausted: her four children only cause stress to the housewife, and besides, her husband Bill (Jason Ritter) - a successful PR employee who seldom lets himself be seen at home - is also a stranger. Because of all the stress she has barely a minute to herself and even her previous intense interest in painting has evaporated over time. After a failed suicide attempt, however, a wild barking dog appears in front of the kitchen window of the family and starts strange changes at Jill: Suddenly she behaves like a dog and devastates the whole house - to the shock of Bill and the children, the Discover chaos in the evening. Bill wants to keep the matter a secret, but also has to find a way to strengthen the cohesion within the family. Together with his sister-in-law sister-in-law (Jaime King) he is looking for a solution to this bizarre situation ...