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Ratchet & Clank0%Ratchet & Clank

Storyline:The vile extraterrestrial Drek (voice in the original: Paul Giamatti / German voice: Lutz Schnell) threatens the entire Solana galaxy and plans to use a secret weapon to destroy every planet in it. So the brave Ratchet (James Arnold Taylor / Tobias Nath), the last of the nearly extinct Lombax, finally sees his chance to become a hero. Ever since his childhood, spent without a family on a secluded planet, he desires nothing more. In the effort to realize his dream, he soon meets the small but cleverer robot Clank (David Kaye / Dirk Hardegen). The two get together and quickly become inseparable friends. With the support of the acclaimed Galactic Rangers, they'll do everything they can to stop Drek and save the universe.