James Corden's New Movies


Storyline:The young Migo (original voice: Channing Tatum / German voice: Kostja Ullmann) is a bright, honest and faithful Yeti, who carries his heart in the right place. He always believed what he was taught in his village. But when he sees a being - a human - that supposedly does not exist, his entire life and everything he ever believed in is turned upside down. No one in the community takes Migo off his discovery. Only his friend Meechee (Zendaya / Aylin Tezel), who constantly explores her curiosity, believes him. With an organization she has already gathered evidence that people, so-called "small foods", exist. Nevertheless, Migo goes alone on the search for the sighted person, who is called Percy and so far doubted the existence of Yetis ...

Peter Rabbit0%Peter Rabbit

Storyline:The lively rabbit Peter (voice in the original: James Corden / German voice: Christoph Maria Herbst) is just as rebellious as charming and does not think much about following rules. Accordingly, the long ear usually has only mischief in mind, which makes it regularly responsible for chaos. Particularly affected is the vegetable garden of Mr. McGregor (Domhnall Gleeson) - in the truest sense of the word a found food for Peter Hase. Of course, the annoyed biped does not want to put up with that. However, the burning conflict between humans and animals threatens to escalate only when Peter and McGregor both vie for the favor of the dear and animal-friendly neighbor Bea (Rose Byrne). The guerrilla war between the hare and the man takes place in the picturesque Lake District - but the two even make it to London ...

Kill Your Friends0%Kill Your Friends

Storyline:In 1997, the BritPop wave is at its peak and music manager Steven Stelfox (Nicholas Hoult) is doing everything to find the next great talent. Pumped full of passion, ambitions and lots of drugs, he always looks for the latest hits - after all, the cash registers of his music label should fill up properly. At the same time, he not only has his profit in mind, but also his personal advancement in business. But when the tipping point of the hype is reached, the promotion of a competing colleague overcomes the miserable ambitious Stelfox and he takes the phrase "a murder thing" a bit too literally. But even after the rival has been cleared away, the pressure to succeed is growing: More and more bloody traces adorn his career ladder ...

The Emoji Movie0%The Emoji Movie

Storyline:The emojis all live in a small world in our cell phones: in Textopolis. There they wait and hope that the telephone user chooses their messages. But Gene (in the original: T.J. Miller / German version: Tim Oliver Schultz) has a problem: In contrast to all other emojis he has more than one facial expression. He was born without filters and is therefore different than anyone else. But he dreams of being "normal" and asks the over-enthusiastic Hi-5 (James Corden / Christoph Maria Herbst) and the infamous codebreaker Emoji Jailbreak (Ilana Glazer / Joyce Ilg) to help him with his greatest wish fulfill. Together they set out to find the code that can repair genes and roam the most diverse mobile apps on their way. Actually a fun affair - but then the three suddenly discover a new and unexpected danger that threatens the entire emoji world ...