James Franco's New Movies

The Vault0%The Vault

Storyline:Actually, the sisters Leah (Francesca Eastwood) and Vee (Taryn Manning) do not have much to do with each other. But because they want to help their brother Michael (Scott Haze), who is deeply in debt, they steal a bank with a few sinister accomplices. Everything runs like a book. But then bank manager Ed (James Franco) promises them an even bigger prize in an old, hidden vault in the basement of the bank. The robber troop sets to work immediately to crack the safe. But when they succeed, an old, dark secret comes to light that would never have been better discovered. While the police take a stand in front of the bank, Leah and Vee have to fight for their survival in the netherworld, because something is after them - or is it someone?

The Disaster Artist0%The Disaster Artist

Storyline:Tommy Wiseau (James Franco) and Greg Sestero (Dave Franco) meet in a drama school and quickly become friends through their shared admiration for James Dean and their shared dream of a career in Hollywood. Greg admires Tommy for his fearlessness on stage and for never giving up, but they quickly realize that they have no chance of an acting career. There comes an idea: Why not just shoot a movie? Tommy writes the script, buys the necessary equipment from his own money and hires a film crew - and production can start. But it quickly turns out that Tommy, the lead actor, producer, director and author in person, has no idea about filmmaking, but that does not mean he has to rely on the experienced script supervisor Sandy Schklair (Seth Rogen), the only voice in the world Reason, pure talk ...