James Freedson-Jackson's New Movies

Cop Car0%Cop Car

Storyline:Travis (James Freedson-Jackson) and Harrison (Hays Wellford) wander aimlessly around the area on a day off when they suddenly find a stray police car in a field. First, the two ten-year-old thugboys have trouble getting the car up and running, but when they finally get the hang of it, they experience the fun of their lives: sirens, barrier tapes, no-limit driving - but the fun variety does not last long. An anxious woman driving by the two young ropers immediately reports the incident. From the radio of the vehicle suddenly sounds the voice of Sheriff Kretzer (Kevin Bacon) and threatens the two thieving boys. The law enforcer has every reason to do so, because in the trunk there is a dangerous cargo and Kretzer has no qualms about recovering his property at any cost.

The Strange Ones0%The Strange Ones

Storyline:The trip of two brothers through an abandoned landscape in the US is interrupted by mysterious events that soon lead them to a dark secret ...