Jeffrey Wright's New Movies

Hold the Dark0%Hold the Dark

Storyline:Retired wolf expert Russell Core (Jeffrey Wright) leaves civilization behind and travels to the north of Alaska, where the young mother Medora Slone (Riley Keough) lives, whose son was killed by a wolf pack. As Core goes with her in search of the predators, the two lonely souls develop a strange and dangerous relationship with each other. And when Medoras husband Vernon (Alexander Skarsgård) returns from the Iraq war and learns of the fate of his son, all lose themselves in a merciless spiral of violence, in which the policeman Donald Marium (James Badge Dale) is involved ...

The Good Dinosaur0%The Good Dinosaur

Storyline:In a world that has never been hit by a meteor, the dinosaurs are not extinct, but continue to live on Earth. Among them is the good-natured Apatosaurus Arlo (voice in the original: Raymond Ochoa / German version: Cosmo Claren), who always tries to actively support his family, but is afraid of everything and everyone. But one day, when he falls into a raging river and is only washed ashore far away from his home, he has to face his fears in a strange environment. However, he is not alone, he has recently made acquaintance with the wild man boy spot, which in contrast to Arlo is not afraid of any danger. Although the young dinosaur may not be able to do much with the growling bundle of energy at first, the two quickly develop into an unusual friendship that helps them to survive the turbulent adventure ahead of them.