Jessica De Gouw's New Movies

The Rezort0%The Rezort

Storyline:After the zombie apocalypse has been banned and humanity has regained control of their planet, adventurous people can go zombie hunting on a desert island. Whenever an undead gets lost in civilization, he is deported to the secure park on the island. In zombie safaris interested parties can let their aggression run wild - this also serves as a therapy after the foiled disaster. Actually, the security system is reliable, because the visitors only pop off the zombies from a distance and there were no incidents until now. But that is about to change: As a new tourist group wanders through the park and indulges in the bloody pleasure, suddenly the technology fails and the undead are free again. Now the hunters become hunted and a fierce fight begins for life and death.


Storyline:Ren Amari (Jessica De Gouw) is the inventor of a new, revolutionary drug: OtherLife expands the sense of time and creates a virtual reality right in the mind of the user. A few seconds feel like hours or even days full of exciting adventures. But when Ren and her colleagues want to bring the drug to market, the government intervenes and wants to use OtherLife as a radical solution against the overcrowding of prisons. Ren defends himself against it - and finds himself very quickly as a prisoner of their own mind again. She has to get out of it before she goes completely crazy and get Back into OtherLife's hands before millions of others suffer the same fate ...