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The Sisters Brothers0%The Sisters Brothers

Storyline:Hermann Kermit Warm should die. The client behind this planned murder is the mysterious and powerful man known only under the name "The Commodore". His handcases Eli and Charlie Sisters are to execute this order. While the unscrupulous Charlie is very much in favor of whiskey and killing people, the thoughtful Eli, on the way from Oregon City to the gold mines near Sacramento, where they suspect the whereabouts of Warm, is beginning to make a living in this immoral way earn, after. However, there is not much time to ponder, because the journey of the two brothers is interrupted again and again by bloody encounters.

The Little Hours0%The Little Hours

Storyline:A nun's day can be quite boring. So the nuns Ginevra (Kate Micucci), Alessandra (Alison Brie) and Fernanda (Aubrey Plaza) are looking for ways to make their lives more exciting. Pansexual recreational activities and insults in the direction of the working in the monastery day laborer seem at least reasonably well suited. The latter, however, eventually seeks the distance, whereupon Father Tommasso (John C. Reilly) introduces a new assistant: Massetto (Dave Franco), who has to hide from his raging squire. In order to lessen the interest of the monastic trio Infernale in Massetto, Father Tommasso introduces the new as deaf and dumb. However, the Fernanda, Allessandra and Ginevra are only partially prevented from harassing Massetto. The more intrusive they become, the harder it is for him to maintain the facade ...