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Les goûts et les couleurs0%Les goûts et les couleurs

Storyline:For three years, Simone (Sarah Stern) has been with Claire, but she is still working to finally gather the courage to confess to her conservative Jewish family that she is a lesbian. Until then, she can bear that her crazy mother, her traditional father and her two brothers want to couple them with men all the time. But just when she's finally about to come out, she meets the Senegalese chef Wali (Jean-Christophe Folly), who not only enchants her with his food. She threatens to fall in love and is soon between Claire, Wali and her family ...

Jour J0%Jour J

Storyline:He has certainly imagined quite differently: At a party Mathias (Nicolas Duvauchelle) gets to know the energetic Juliette. Between both sparks on the spot and promptly spend a night together in bed. The problem with the whole thing is that Mathias is actually dating Alexia (Julia Piaton). And when she discovers the next day in the bag of Mathias just Juliettes business card, she is very excited. That must mean that Juliette is planning their wedding and Mathias will therefore make her a request! Out of sheer anticipation, Alexia plunges into the preparations and Juliette is also in tow. For Mathias, the situation seems hopeless, because now he is between his lover and a wedding, which should not be ...