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Storyline:Ashley Smith (Kate Mara) is still suffering from her husband's death and is drugging her pain. But because she has already lost custody of her baby daughter Paige (Elle Graham), she finally tries to regain her life with the help of a support group. At the same time, criminal Brian Nichols (David Oyelowo) escapes from the city courthouse, killing a judge and a police officer. Hot on the heels with the police, he takes refuge in Ashley's apartment and takes the young woman hostage in her own home. The situation seems hopeless, but when Ashley begins to read Brian from a book recommended to her in her support group, the two gradually develop a deeper understanding of each other ...

Fantastic Four0%Fantastic Four

Storyline:Johnny Storm (Michael B. Jordan), his sister Sue (Kate Mara), Reed Richards (Miles Teller) and Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell) are four friends who are experiencing a research accident with drastic changes: After inventors and genius Reed laid the foundations for Having developed the appropriate method, the four are teleported into a parallel universe and then have superpowers. Storm becomes a human torch, Sue becomes invisible, Reed extends his limbs rubbery, and Grimm transforms into the chunky stone colossus "The Thing". But the new skills are no harmless gimmick, they spark the interest of the military - and that of sinister researcher Dr. Ing. Victor of Doom (Toby Kebbell), of all people in Johnny's and Sue's father Franklin Storm (Reg E. Cathey) found a mentor ... Reboot the "Fantastic Four" series, based on the Marvel comics.


Storyline:Risk Manager Lee Weathers (Kate Mara) is sent to a remote and top-secret research station to investigate and assess a horrific incident. Once there, she learns that a seemingly innocent "human" is responsible for it: Morgan (Anya Taylor-Joy). She is an artificially created human, endowed with a synthetic DNA that evolves rapidly, and in no time at all fulfills Dr. Lui Cheng (Michelle Yeoh) and her team has surpassed. But that the shy and unpredictable Morgan has already overtaken her own creators in all matters makes them dangerous too. What is she capable of? And is she responsible for her actions, or rather the group that created her?

Megan Leavey0%Megan Leavey

Storyline:Megan Leavey (Kate Mara) is a member of a Marines Bomb Disposal Unit. During a mission she meets the aggressive military dog Rex. The young woman immediately feels a special bond with the German Shepherd and gets permission to train him. With Rex at her side, Megan completes over 100 successful missions in Iraq and saves a lot of lives. But in the presence of bombs, only a tiny mistake is enough to cause fatal consequences. Through the work, the two become inseparable, but the army does not consider the dog suitable for a civilian life at their side. Megan soon has to fight for the fate of her dog. Based on the life of real New Yorker Megan Leavey, who joined the Marines in 2003 and received several awards for extra courage in combat situations.