Katherine de la Rocha's New Movies


Storyline:Since retiring from military service, former elite soldier Eduardo 'Eddie' Deacon (Antonio Banderas) has been struggling to stay afloat with 'conventional' jobs. For lack of alternatives, he one day appears as a security guard in a run-down mall in an equally seedy neighborhood. But already the first night in the new profession requires of him a return to his old skills. So he opens the gates for a desperate girl on which the ruthless gangster boss Charlie (Ben Kingsley) hunts, as she is supposed to testify against him in a major case as a witness. Although eleven-year-old Jamie (Katherine de la Rocha) escaped with a life-threatening raid on the police convoy, which was supposed to give her safe passage, it does not take long for the pursuers to turn up at the mall as well. However, they have made the bill without the defensive new security guard ...