Katherine Heigl's New Movies

Jenny's Wedding0%Jenny's Wedding

Storyline:When will Jenny (Katherine Heigl) find only the right man for life? This question is asked by her parents Eddie and Rose (Tom Wilkinson and Linda Emond) again and again. What they do not know: Kitty (Alexis Bledel), whom they consider to be their daughter's roommate, is actually their longtime girlfriend. When Jenny finally finds the courage to tell her conservative parents about their homosexuality and their fresh wedding plans, they are anything but enthusiastic about having wished for a traditional wedding for their child. In addition, they fear the reactions of the circle of friends and acquaintances. Will the aspiring couple manage to hold their own against prejudice and unrealizable claims until Jenny's parents maybe change their minds?

Home Sweet Hell0%Home Sweet Hell

Storyline:For his colleagues, Don Champagne (Patrick Wilson) is a great guy who has everything in life that one could wish for: he is a successful businessman, has charming children and runs a picture book marriage. But the appearance is deceptive, because behind the immaculate facade of his wife Mona (Katherine Heigl) hides a control freak who wants to determine the life of his husband to the smallest detail. But the situation in which Don maneuvers her has certainly not come. The husband started an affair with his attractive colleague Dusty (Jordana Brewster). When she claims to be pregnant, Mona has to take matters into her own hands. She thinks of only one conceivable solution: Don has to clear his lover out of the way. Everything soon gets out of control ...


Storyline:As the marriage of Tessa Connover (Katherine Heigl) breaks, she faces the shambles of her life and suffers for a long time from the failed relationship. In contrast, her ex-husband David (Geoff Stults) quickly finds again a new love, which he decides to marry just as quickly: Julia Banks (Rosario Dawson). Julia moves with David to the house where he once lived with Tessa, and also takes over the role of the stepmother for Tessa and David's daughter Lilly (Isabella Rice) - a huge task for Julia, who are getting used to their new responsibilities but, for the sake of David, she has devoted herself to taking care of her newly won stepdaughter. But for the abandoned Tessa, this is an emotional low blow from which she can not recover, and she sets herself the goal of making her ex's new wife's life hell ...