Katherine Waterston's New Movies

The Current War0%The Current War

Storyline:1880: Thomas Edison (Benedict Cumberbatch) has passed the tests of thousands of designs when he finally knows how to make a marketable lightbulb. While Edison received the financial support of J.P. Morgan (Matthew Macfayden) secures to power five blocks in Manhattan with electric light, recognizing George Westinghouse (Michael Shannon) the limits of the new technology. The Pittsburgh businessman works with AC instead of DC and takes over some of Edison's discoveries. Competition is coming to a head: on the one hand, the humble, public-shy Westinghouse, who is devoted to his wife Marguerite (Katherine Waterston) - on the other, Edison, who considers himself a genius, does not want to share his appreciation for his work, and his wife Mary (Tuppence Middleton) and the children are neglected ...

Alien: Covenant100%Alien: Covenant

Storyline:The strange planet explored by the crew of the covert space ship Covenant is a paradise: as the terraforming specialist Daniels (Katherine Waterston) and her colleagues, including the new Captain Christopher (Billy Crudup), the Android Walter (Michael Fassbender) and the pilot Tennessee (Danny McBride) run through the mountainous, wooded landscape, they notice the strange, disturbing silence: no bird can be heard - or any other animal. Soon the discoverers realize that they landed on a planet that could hardly be more hostile to life. Lightning speed, high-intelligence and acid-injecting aliens attack the Covenant crew, killing one member after another. And the rest of the group is clear: so far away from home they are completely on their own ...