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Fun Mom Dinner0%Fun Mom Dinner

Storyline:The four mothers Kate (Toni Collette), Jamie (Molly Shannon), Emily (Katie Aselton) and Melanie (Bridget Everett) are very different, but have one thing in common - apart from the fact that their children are all in the same pre-school class: One each of them longs for a much needed break from their stressful everyday life. And so Jamie and Melanie invite the kind hearted Emily to one of their regular dinners, where they just want to relax with a few glasses of wine together. Much to the chagrin of others, however, Emily brings her unapproachable friend Kate to dinner, which directly creates tensions. But what at first threatens to become a blunder, evolves, thanks to alcohol, karaoke and a sweet bartender, to an unforgettable night that will weld the four women together.